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7       is a magic number.
June 6, 2019 0

We’re not just a services company with a big vision and proven track record. We’re a community. Like the 7 points of the star in our logo, we are unified around a singular mission: to be your lifetime companion and trusted advisor as you embark on your journey abroad. That means we will continue to put in the work, long after you’ve set up your company.

We believe there are 7 key ingredients for a company to start, run, and transform into a global company—and we’ve got all 7 in one place!

Providing startups and entrepreneurs with the most comprehensive business services and support has always been our universal mission. Having passed the same entrepreneurial path and having faced similar challenges as most startups experience, we understand that a successful company setup is only the beginning of a longer business journey.

Unlike other professional service companies or business setup firms, Genius Group International doesn’t set up a company and leave the rest of the challenges to you. We aim to be your trusted business companion in the long-run, to help and advise you with all important aspects of your business, such as bank account opening, branding, website design, translation, localisation, market research, recruiting talents, and even finding business partners and attracting customers.

We offer 3 comprehensive business packages—Star, Galaxy, and Universe—which can be personalised based on your needs, budget, and expectations. We also provide a free initial consultation to help you choose the best legislation for your company and shortlist the services you can benefit from before you buy our services.

After an initial consulting, our company is able to set up your company in more than 20 countries and continue its support after a successful company formation process by providing you professional guidance and support. Our local representative offices (distributed all over the world) will help you connect with other local businesses, gather local market research, and find partners. At the same time, our seven group members—AccountingGenius™, BrandingGenius™, ConsultingGenius™, LegalGenius™, MarketingGenius™, RecruitingGenius™, and TranslationGenius™ will guide you in different aspects of your business to enable your global growth and success.

You can contact us to get a free consultation to find out how we can help you with your international business or, if you’re ready, you can buy one of our three most popular and recommended packages today, or customise your own package. Just click the Get Started button of our website to start your international business journey today.

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